'All of our baubles are hand crafted making each one of them completely unique!'


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Blue Heart Bauble

Blue Heart Bauble£20.50  (4)

Bristol Blue Bauble

Bristol Blue Bauble£17.50  (1)

Purple Swirl Bauble

Purple Swirl Bauble£19.50

White and Purple Swirl Bauble

White and Purple Swirl Bauble£19.50

White and Blue Swirl Bauble

White and Blue Swirl Bauble£19.50

White and Green Swirl Bauble

White and Green Swirl Bauble£24.00

Aurora Pointed Bauble

Aurora Pointed Bauble£28.50

Green and Purple Swirl Bauble

Green and Purple Swirl Bauble£19.50  (2)

Green Bauble

Green Bauble£25.00

Green Pointed Bauble

Green Pointed Bauble£30.00

White and Green Spots Bauble

White and Green Spots Bauble£25.00

Winter Wonderland Bauble

Winter Wonderland Bauble£30.00


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items