Cremation Memorial Glass


Cremation ashes encased in beautiful glass.

Here at Bristol Blue Glass we have 30 years of experience with handmade glass. Our expert team of Glassmakers take every care and consideration to make sure your loved ones ashes are treated with dignity and respect.

The cremation ashes are swirled and encased forever in high quality crystal glass, using both traditional and modern techniques to create a beautiful and lasting memorial.

Cremation memorial glass is the perfect way to preserve your loved one's memory.
Made individually for you, your memorial glass can be a beautiful tribute to the time and love you shared.

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Cremation Memorial Charm Bead

Cremation Memorial Charm Bead£70.00

Beautiful Memorial Angel

Beautiful Memorial Angel£210.00


Beautiful Memorial Angel

Cremation Memorial Cufflinks

Cremation Memorial Cufflinks£120.00

Cremation Memorial Hand Held Heart

Cremation Memorial Hand Held Heart£110.00

Cremation Memorial Heart Pendant

Cremation Memorial Heart Pendant£130.00

Cremation Memorial Palm Stone

Cremation Memorial Palm Stone£95.00

Cremation Memorial Paperweight

Cremation Memorial Paperweight£110.00

Cremation Memorial Round Pendant

Cremation Memorial Round Pendant£110.00


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

Please be aware that you cannot send human remains internationally via the post. If you are ordering from overseas you can send the ashes to us with a specialised courier company such as Scattering Ashes (/ However these services do attract a significant fee. You can travel with Ashes, so long as they are in your hand luggage and are in a sealed container that can be x-rayed.