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Dave is our Hot Floor Manager and has been with us at BBG, for 9 years. 
He started with us when he was 19. His skill set has meant that at just 26, he now manages the Bristol Blue Glass hot floor.
He specialises in our sculpture work, so if you have any of our dolphins, fish, elephants or swords at home, they are probably one of Dave's creations.
You can see in one of the photos, that Dave is also very skilled in our classic range and he is pictured finishing a ruby goblet above..
Dave is also is a keen horse rider. 
A valued and integral member of our team and we are lucky to have, not only his knowledge, but his friendly smile to brighten our day.



Nick has been with Bristol Blue Glass for 12 years now and he is an integral part of the team. 
He does all our engraving, right from wishing someone a 'happy retirement', to huge, nationally recognised awards.
He has very recently done all of the engraving for the, Bristol Lifestyle Awards, which you can watch on 'Made in Bristol TV'.
His talents don't stop with his skills for engraving though; he also screen prints and you can see an example of some of his work in these photos.



Jake, Glass Maker's Assistant and Website Builder.
Jake's been here now for 4 years is a valued member of the BBG team.
Before he came to Bristol Blue Glass, he worked for Bath Aqua Glass, which is owned by Annette, The BBG owner's sister. 
This meant he came to us with a wealth of knowledge, that he has built on even further now.

Jake is passionate about his craft and is aiming to have a bench on the hot floor, meaning he will be a fully fledged Glass Maker. 


Ty, Glass Maker's Assistant.
Has been here now for 8 months and is an integral part of the team. 
He has learnt so quickly and has a natural flare for making vases.
When assisting in the glass blowing process, it is essential to be quick to react, as you always have to be ready when the Glass Blower needs anything.
This could be a molten bit of glass, used to add another dimension to a piece, or crafting a handle, ready to attach to a jug. 
Ty's aim is to become a fully fledged Glass Maker and you can see that his passion will get him there quickly.


THE office & SHOP


Beautiful Ben, is our wonderful Visual Merchandiser. He's been making the Bristol Blue Glass shop look gorgeous,
for just over a year now and actually started his time with us, on our Christmas market stand.

He made such an impression, that he was taken on to work in our High Street shop as soon as Christmas was finished.
He has quickly won over everyone with his talent and warm heart and now is head of Visual Merchandising, at our Bath Road Studio/Shop.
His creativeness doesn't stop at the doors of Bristol Blue Glass though. He is a practising artist and has just had a very successful show, at Centrespace Gallery.
He specialises in Photography and Moving Image.
You'll find Ben, front of house, Wednesday to Sunday, so come down and say hello.




General Manager and Marketing Manager 
She's been with BBG for almost 4 years now and came to us after working for 25 years in a very different field.
She had a very successful and exciting career in events management, working for the World Professional Snooker Governing Body (WPBSA), Clifton. 
Sharon arranged events, travelled with the top snooker players and generally had a lovely time. 
She was asked to come to Bristol Blue Glass in the summer of 2012, by her cousins Jim Adlington, (Owner and Founder of Bristol Blue Glass) and Annette (Owner of Bath Aqua)..And the rest is history. 
She has loved the change of experience that Bristol Blue Glass has offered and we couldn't imagine it without her now. Out of the Studio, Sharon loves spending time with her family and friends (often at Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby).