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The Company's name is Bristol Blue Glass, but do not let this think that we only make blue glass, in truth we are a bespoke glass making factory, albeit a very small one. Making all different styles and colours of glass. We often work to commission making unusual items for specific customers. From time to time we are approached by film companies, who are producing a period piece or have specific glass requirements for a particular film.


 One of the goblets commissioned to be made by Bristol Blue being used on the set of Harry Potter.

One set of films were the Harry Potter series, where we made clear glass goblets, engraved with the 'Hogwarts' logo filled with real gold. We were commissioned to make 60 standard size goblets plus a half size goblet for Hagrid the giant.

The contract we had to sign for Warner Brothers was over an inch thick, six hundred pages of do's and don'ts. Basically we were sworn to secrecy about the job which is a pity because the publicity could have been great! Each production bought further orders to replace breakages and stolen items, actors apparently, even rich and famous ones are prone to taking props home with them as mementos. Allegedly, a certain actress who was married to the singer from 'Cold Play', walked off with a set of  'Cotton Twist' glasses from the set of another film we had done the glass for.




As props go we are not the cheapest option by far, but I always like to point out to the contact, that they also can end up the cheapest, as the actors and crew usually want to buy them after the final wrap.



One job we were encouraged to talk about was the Dr Who Time Rotor we built for the Matt Smith Tardis. This was the largest piece of glass we have ever made and we truly bust a gut blowing it. The set designers for the show are by far the most exacting customers we have ever worked for, they took their job very seriously indeed, Dr Who is more important than life and death!




So next time you are watching a period drama on the TV or in a Film the glass being used might possibly have been made in Bristol Blue Glass Studio, and if you ever pop down to the studio we do have examples of the glasses we made for Harry Potter on display, for all to see.



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