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Glass Blowing Experiences


Blow a Bauble - £20.00

Try your hand at glass making.  Come into our studio and blow your very own bauble. The glassmaker will prepare the molten glass for you to blow, and will give you step by step instructions to make your own bauble.  This is a unique and entertaining experience that we are confident you will enjoy and is perfect as a small gift or little adventure. Please allow at least 20 minutes for this visit.

Your bauble will need to cool down slowly overnight and will be ready for collection the next day.  We can also arrange to post it to you. Postage charges start at £5.50

Please note - due to the nature of glass and the annealing process, it does occasionally occur that your bauble may crack. In this very rare instance, you will be provided with another bauble from the shop to take home after your glass blowing experience.








Beginner's Glassblowing Course - £400.00

Try your hand at the art of glass making - this will be a fascinating experience where you will learn some of the skills required to fashion molten glass into beautiful and useful objects. These classes are designed for beginners but will be tailored to your skill level as needed.

During the course:
After meeting your tutor you will be introduced to the basic techniques of the glassmaker, such as gathering from the furnace, before progressing on to making some simple items such as drop hangers, flowers and a bauble/paperweight. As a final piece you will have the opportunity to make your very own goblet.