Sale and Apprentice Seconds

All of our glass is handmade using traditional techniques, no moulds or machines are used at any point during the process. Because of this there will always be slight variations from piece to piece.

For these unique beauties the variation may be a little more than slight, as they were made by our apprentices. It takes 8 years to train to be a glass maker and our talented apprentices have been honing their skills until they get the product completely right. This means these pieces will possibly be slightly smaller, larger or wonkier than our usual range. The photo's presented here are a guide.

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*Second* Medium Round Vase

*Second* Medium Round Vase£29.25

*second* White Wine Goblet

*second* White Wine Goblet£22.80

*second* Champagne Flute

*second* Champagne Flute£25.20

*Second* Flat Paperweight

*Second* Flat Paperweight£13.00

*second* Medium Footed Jug

*second* Medium Footed Jug£39.60

*second* Red Wine Goblet

*second* Red Wine Goblet£22.80

*second* Redcliffe Goblet

*second* Redcliffe Goblet£22.80

*Second* Small Plate

*Second* Small Plate£88.00

*second* Small Tall Vase

*second* Small Tall Vase£17.40

*Second* Tea Light Holder

*Second* Tea Light Holder£21.75

*Second* Tumbler

*Second* Tumbler£19.20

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items



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